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Welcome to Hartland Day Academy!


Our Mission:

To help our student grow their relationship with God and understanding of our world through theoretical and practical education based on the principles of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy

Our Vision:

To inspire and prepare leaders who love God above all things and represent His character to the world through service

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We appreciate you.

Ana Sanchez, 9th grade

“Studying at Hartland Academy is a privilege. The teachers are a blessing and help you not only academically but in your spiritual life as well.  Studying here has helped me be more accountable and has helped me with my time management. The teachers strive to help you to be a better person, which is needed in teachers today.  I hope and pray that HDA continues in its service to bless other students.”

Ismarienid Perez, 11th grade

Hartland Day Academy is a school where all staff are always trying to do their best for the school and the students. There is a good atmosphere between the classmates. Most of all, I know we are not only getting a good education, we are getting true education that always involves God in all of our classes.

Maetzy Flores, 7th grade

“I like it at this school because the teachers are so nice and they teach you about God. I would highly recommend this school. The school might be small but it is a very friendly place. It looks so small from the outside but big from the inside. And trust me, the principal is the best that ever had existed.”

Daniella Sastropawiro, 5th grade

“I like the spiritual programs at my school, especially the week of prayer because it drew me closer to Jesus. All the testimonies and songs were the best. I hope we can have one soon.”

Hartland Day Academy is nestled in the beautiful Piedmont Valley of Virginia. We are located within the premises of Hartland Institute at 259 Hickory Lane Rapidan, VA 22733, however our mailing address is: 444 Hartland Oak Dr. Rapidan VA 22733.